Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
I' ve got two - a rabbit and a hamster. The rabbit is a and her name is Flopsy. She´s about three years old now. I her a hutch in the garden, but I play with every day I come home from school. I her on the . She likes that, because she can and she eats the grass, too.
My hamster's name is Hammy and he' s a . Hamsters don´t live very . They only live for about two or three . Hammy is about one year old. I keep in a cage in the house. His cage is on a small table the hall. I can´t keep him in my bedroom, because hamsters are and they are very noisy at night. Hammy´s got a in the cage and he runs around it. I play with him in the evening I go to bed.
Every my mum takes me to the pet shop in town. It´s my shop. There are lots of animals there. I food for Flopsy and Hammy at the shop. They eat , too and Hammy nuts. I feed every day and I put clean water their water , too. I clean the cage and on Saturday morning.
Have you got a pet? my friends have. We all love our pets, but do they love ?