Gap-fill exercise

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Canada is the largest country in the world. With an of 9,976,185 square kilometres, it is as big as the whole of Europe. However, it has a of only 27 million people. This is than half the population of Britain. Most of Canada´s people are the of European immigrants: 45 % from Britain and Ireland, 29 % from France and 6 % from . Today a lot of immigrants come from Asia. Vancouver on the of Canada, has a large Asian population.
The inhabitants of Canada were the Inuit (Eskimos) and the Indians, but today they are only 4% of the population. Most of them live of Canada. In winter Canada is very cold and it has a lot of snow. , skating and ice hockey are all very popular.
Britain and France over Canada for nearly two hundred years. in 1763 Britain took control. Canada is now an country, bu the British Queen is still the head of state. of the population speak English, but about 6 million Canadians speak French as their first . Most of the French speakers live in the province of Quebec. , Montreal, in Quebec, has more French speakers than any other city in the world Paris.
Toronto is the largest ciy in Canada. Montreal is the second largest city. But neither is the .The capital is Ottawa.